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Good communication is one of the most valued skills in the workplace.  And effective listening is crucial to communicating productively inside the organization and meeting the competitive challenges outside the organization.

The Personal Listening Profile® helps people become active, purposeful listeners in a wide variety of situations for more productive communication.
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Discover the Impact of Five Listening Approaches
It's estimated that people screen out or change the intended purpose of what they hear in over 70 percent of all communications.  The biggest factor contributing to such miscommunications is our listening approach. Behavioral research shows that people listen with a preferred listening approach.  The Personal Listening Profile® describes five listening approaches:
Listens is a relaxed manner, seeking enjoyment, entertainment, or inspiration.
Listens without judging, is supportive of the speaker, and learns from the experiences of others.
Listens to organize and make sense of information by understanding relationships among ideas.
Listens to get complete information, understand the main message, and determine important details.
Listens in order to make a decision based on information provided and may accept or reject message based on personal beliefs.
Match Listening Approaches to Communication Needs
The Personal Listening Profile® helps people in your organization:
discover their natural approach to listening.
capitalize on their listening strengths.
learn how different listening approaches impact listening effectiveness.
improve their ability to understand the purpose of different communications.
use listening approaches appropriate to the situation.
overcome listening barriers and reduce conflict.
enhance individual and team performance.
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