Leadership Essentials

Establishes the baseline communication and management skills required to direct individual performance and get the most out of teams.
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Enhancing Individual and Organizational Performance
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Sales Essentials

Targets the knowledge and process required for sales people to  “walk in the shoes” of their customers. Our approach focuses salespeople squarely on what the customer needs to succeed  and how supporting that success is what matters. 
Strategies for Leading Others
  • Essential Skills of Leadership
  • Essential Skills of Communicating
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Delegating

Personal Leadership Power
  • Retaining Winning Talent
  • Understanding and Using Financial Data
  • Supporting Change
  • Communicating with Your Manager
  • Hiring Winning Talent
  • Motivating Team Members
Improving Individual Performance
  • Developing Performance Standards
  • Improving Work Habits
  • Effective Discipline
  • Dealing with Complaints
  • Coaching Job Skills
  • Performance Assessment

Leading Successful Projects
  • Project Management - Initiation
  • Project Management - Planning
  • Project Management - Execution
  • Project Management - Evaluation
Service Retention, Referrals, Relationship
  • Winning Through Customer Service
  • Delivering Customer Focused Service
  • Dealing With Difficult Customer Situations
Service Essentials

Equips your service team with the skills needed to quickly understand the customer and provide solutions. We focus on what it takes to ensure customer retention and uncover opportunities to offer additional products and services.
Professional Sales Development
  • Customer-Oriented Selling
  • Coaching for Results
  • Telephone Prospecting & Qualifying
Productivity Essentials

Focuses on the basics of the work experience, providing the performance fundamentals that underpin the quick-start success of new and entry-level employees.
Improving Staff Performance
  • Number Skills®
  • Proofamatics
  • Achieving Communication Effectiveness
  • Professionalism in the Office
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