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What is 20/20® Insight Gold?
It's not just a 360-degree feedback system. It's a survey engine. It's a platform for practically any kind of customized survey.

Its most powerful use is to measure whether performance has improved. Using 20/20 Insight this way will help you make training stick.
You have many options when selecting a provider to use for gathering feedback about individual, team and organization performance. There are three important reasons why our firm, using 20/20 Insight GOLD technology, is your best choice.

1. Expert Service

Feedback is our specialty. We have the experience and expertise to handle all your feedback and survey administration needs. We take time to find out exactly what you need, and then we create the survey according to your specifications.

Save valuable internal staff time for other priorities.
Get efficient and very cost-effective services.
Relax, knowing that all feedback is kept confidential and stored securely off-site.
Make it easy and fast for participants with an Internet connection to access their
assessments from anywhere in the world.

2. Powerful

Our software contains everything you need - for everyone involved in the feedback process:

More than 1,200 items in a massive library – easily customized – or we can incorporate
your competencies.
Approximately 300 survey items in leadership categories. Each one has an associated
document for the learner that contains:
-  What a low rating in this item might mean.
-  Specific recommendations for improving in this area.
-  Recommended resources.
Ability to not only collect open-ended responses at the end of the survey but also get
optional explanatory comments for each item rated, providing extraordinary coaching
and personal growth material.
Dozens of powerful reports can be generated. Compare previous to current results to
measure improvements. Produce consolidated reports with summary data for the
entire organization.
A 31-page booklet and online performance analysis tool for each feedback recipient to
help them create and implement a personal development plan.

3. Customizable and Flexible

We can tailor almost any aspect of a feedback project – add your competencies, use or modify ours – or any combination. With this unprecedented flexibility, we can provide many different types of surveys for your organization. A few examples:

All “soft-skills” training to provide a baseline of behaviors, feedback to participants,
and measurable results to management.
Leadership and individual skill development.
Needs analysis.
Team and organizational effectiveness.
Climate surveys and customer feedback.

For more information, click on the 2020booklet-services below. You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  Click on the Acrobat Reader icon to download it for free if you don't already have it.
Sample Reports

Individual 360 Report - This is a 360-degree feedback report for one subject, Dana Pritchard

Customer Satisfaction Report - This report focuses on a customer satisfaction survey for Cover to Cover Books, a fictitious bookstore.

Organizational Climate Report - This report, for a sample company (Advanced Technologies, Inc.), shows the different perspectives between the various departments of the company.
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